We will become a recognized and respected provider of the best solutions for maintenance, renovation and new construction of electro energy systems in Europe. We will be also recognizable on the world market. Our customers will be provided with high quality and innovative products, solutions and services that will facilitate their work, optimize operations and minimize costs. This will be achieved independently by strengthening our business connections and partner relations in the field of development, product supply and marketing, and by expanding recognition on the world market. With highly skilled and motivated personnel, we can quickly adapt our solutions and products to market demands.


Our basic mission is to enable people and enterprises uninterrupted supply of electricity. With our products, we will ensure reliable operation, maintenance, renovation and new construction of power systems based on the latest skills, environmental awareness and innovative solutions that are built into our high quality, environmentally friendly and cost-competitive products.


Instead of the classic providing of equipment for the construction of electric power systems, we want to advise the best solutions to the problems of our customers relating to the maintenance, restoration and new construction of energy systems. With local, advanced knowledge, ecological and environmental awareness and innovation we want to create patents and other new solutions, which will be built into our products.